Jordan 1 SpaceJam

What if Nike created a SpaceJam-inspired sneaker? This is student work, and all assets are reserved to their respected companies.



Project Type

Graphic Design


Graphic and Conceptual Designer

Project Overview

What if Nike created a SpaceJam-inspired sneaker?

The concept behind this sneaker was inspired by my passion for sneakers and basketball. As someone who grew up watching Michael Jordan's SpaceJam and the Looney Tunes, I envisioned a collaboration that is long overdue.


Create a unique sneaker concept that utilizes the existing brand identity of SpaceJam and its 90s website design.

My Role/Responsibilities

Conceptual design
Social design
Poster design

Research & Planning

Gaining inspiration


Sneaker Concept

Jordan 1 Sneaker Mockup

Got 'EM

SNKRS App SpaceJam Concept


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